Maine Secret Island Bikepacking

Back in October I made plans to do a bike tour through Maine. The idea came about after Max at Cards Against Humanity casually said to me, "We bought an island." I've become good friends with everyone over at CAH over the years, and professionally they're one of my favorite clients. Their game is funny and outlandish, yeah, but I've come to love everything they've done with their success, especially the philanthropic ventures their yearly Holiday Bullshit always delivers. So as soon as the island came about, we started planning how to get me out there.

A few train rides and 80 miles of pedaling through cold, stormy weather and I made it to the town neighboring the island by nightfall. I was starving, and surprinsingly this small restaurant next to the town's gas station offered a veggie burger. I decided I would eat there, and just find some random spot to do a little hobo camping. The burger was, not surprisingly, very bland and when I stepped back out a light drizzle had started up again. Seeing a large shed with pole trees behind it, and no dogs barking as I approached, I figured this spot would be good enough to camp in seclusion. Some tips for this kind of illegal camping: don't do it. You'll spend the entire night waking up every fifteen minutes thinking the property owner is walking up to you with a gun. If you decided to do it anyway, leave before the sun comes up. Darkness is your friend here.

Luckily, waking up every fifteen minutes meant I was up and ready before the sun, so I packed all of my wet gear onto my bike and quietly walked away from my stolen campsite to the highway. I didn't really know where I was going, only that a public boat launch was somewhere off of this road. There I had coaxed a local commercial boating company in the area to leave a rowboat and some camera gear I shipped to them in lieu of carrying out on my bike. I was shivering as I pedaled off but the sky was clear and began to fill with magenta. Not another person was on the road. It's these little blissful moments of quiet beauty that make bike touring so enjoyable.

Launch found, I loaded everything into my borrowed rowboat and pointed my back towards a small island. This island, now renamed by CAH as Hawaii 2, it's never been developed. It sits in the middle of this beautiful, rippled lake, and it would be my home for the next two days as I documented its uniqueness.