Chillest Tour Ever: Florida

A Brief Look At Gear

Consider these suggestions. The bikes involved in this adventure is the result of the extreme generosity of this trip's sponsor: Legacy Frameworks, as well as an eclectic mix of bike touring luggage. Legacy, in addition to their city commuter bikes and custom frames, has started working on an adventure bike model as well called the Scout- a 650b, disk-braked, randonneur frame with room for wide, gravel tires. We've been figuring out an adventure that would serve well to showcase both my custom dirt-touring frame, now a year and a half old and pretty thrashed, next to their new model. Better still, I had the opportunity to watch Levi, Legacy's owner, at work making his bikes come to life.

All The Stuff

The strategy for gear needs boiled down to a few tenants that made this the chillest tour ever:

1. There would not be packing, rolling, compressing, or organizing anything at any point in the day.
2. We would stop as frequently as possible and switch from cycling to hiking or lounging- whatever was best suited for the given situation.
3. This is a tropical paradise during the dry season, so we don't need hella complicated, technical clothing to regulate our bodies, insulate them, or keep them dry.
4. Finally, we are going to eat real, whole foods (some from Whole Foods) and the middle of the jungle doesn't have that stuff- thus requiring large, volumous bags to carry seven days worth of broccoli.

With that in mind, enjoy.

(We forgot to take a things-organized-neatly-knolling photo, sorry. You can enlarge this image.)


Jana's Legacy Scout

Key features:
-Low-trail geometry
-650b wheels with disk brakes
-Sram/Zipp Components
-Brooks Womens Professional Saddle
-Ortlieb Panniers, Surly rack, Wald basket

Pannier contents:
-Nemo Nano Elite Tent
-REI Stratus Ground Pad
-REI Womens Sleeping Bag
-Wool layers
-Big empty yogurt cup (bowl)
-So much food

Basket contents:
-Third water bottle
-Pouch for sunscreen, first aid, contact solution, phone cord, and knife
-Snackies & Souvenir Plants
-Cormac McCarthy Book
-Florida Plants and Wildlife Book

Brent's Legacy Custom

Key features:
-Cyclocross-based geometry
-700c wheels with rim brakes
-Just a mix of made-in-usa components
-Selle Anatomica Saddle
-Blackburn Panniers on a Surly rack, topped with Swift Industries Ozette Bag

Pannier contents:
-ENO bug net and rain fly
-Hummingbird Hammock
-Sierra Designs Sleeping Bag (unused)
-ESI pot, Esbit alchohol stove
-Vargo wood stove (used as wind screen)
-So much food holy crap

Top bag contents:
-Camera lenses, batteries, shirt cushion
-Pouch for sunscreen, phone cord, knife, and matches
-Extra stove fuel
-Snackies & Souvenir Pinecones
-John Muir Book & The Story of the Chokoloskee Bay Country Book

And Nothing Went Wrong

Which, like, might be the most exciting part. Some kind of disaster seems to happen on every adventure, but not this time. Seven days of highways, rumble strips, gravel, and dirt with unorganized, stuffed, uneven bags and only one flat tire to account for. Nice.

Route Map

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