Austin Cruising

With all the activity happening in Austin I still had time to go cruise around on my own. Pedaling around a strange city alone is just therapeutic; it gives you the chance to quiet down, listen to your new environment, and let a lack of direction take you to new things.

Not to say I hated when company was around though.

After all, how else is one going to find the best vegan bakeries and food trucks? Yelp just tells you everything is good, and honestly Yelp can be a little too generous there. So, some of my time went to hanging out with my tourin' buddy and other locals as we basically ate our way through a rainy day, with a pit stop at mind-blowing East Austin Succulents and Treasure City Thrift. Between Indie Chefs Week and Free Week it was clear, despite the weather (seriously, freezing temps and prolonged precipitation in a city known for dry heat waves is dangerous), this was a good week to be in Austin. It was very flattering to have my phone blowing up the whole time with people looking to hang, to drink, and of course to ride!

On the day when God's cruel fury came down on the town of Austin and delayed Nationals, super-elusive Chicago bike racin' team Tati wanted to go ride some hills with a pit stop at the wonderful Mt. Bonnell, so I tagged along with the agreement that I'd take no pictures of anyone's faces. They had more hills planned after Mt. Bonnell, but I wanted to go check out the race in yesterday's post.

A pit stop on the way back to Zilker Park and I found people still lingering, and the signs were all around that, yes, postponing the race was the right decision to make.

It's funny coming back to all this considering the day after Nationals I went out into nowhere for three days of suffering, then caught a train the very next morning, but Austin is yet another city where I wouldn't be opposed to spending more time.