Brooklyn Cruisin

Sensory overload. I haven’t even made my way out of Brooklyn yet, partially because of the bike race, but mostly because there’s an endless amount of stuff to do or just to LOOK at in Brooklyn. For all y’all who follow me on Instagram, this city is a #pinkthursday dream.

The first half of the day I spent biking around on 5th street until I ended up on the south end of the city by the water, and at that point the rain came. So, it looks like I decided to come to NYC during monsoon season. It’s not ideal, because the rain slows everything down, and the city is a little shuttered up as no one wants to go outside in this. I don’t blame them. Luckily, finally running into some friends led to me getting water-resistant pants, rad vegan food, and experiencing the glory that is a pinball arcade/laundromat (!!!!!).

I’ve been in soaked clothes for over a day straight now, which I think is how people catch colds, right? But it’s so much warmer here than it’s been in Chicago for seven hundred million months that, honestly? I don’t mind at all. That said, the rain made yesterday’s red hook crit pretty damn wild. Be on the lookout for that post tomorrow.