Day Trip: Trailrunning in Palos Forest Preserve

I found myself in this crappy limbo period between train trips with one at the very beginning of last month and my next one not until the end of this month. It’s ridiculous, but I’m starting to get really bummed out if I go longer than three weeks with hopping on a train to somewhere. So last week I coaxed Adé to take a day trip out to one of my favorite forest preserves in Chicago-land: Palos.

Y’all probably remember Adé from when he joined me on the Empire Builder out to Seattle. This was his first train trip ever and he was crazy enough to do a two-day ride. He did a really rad write up on the whole adventure here.

Okay cool great I got your memory jogged and everything, nice, so here we are back to our day in the woods. Palos is in full-dense-foliage mode right now so it was pretty crazy to run through the dark forest where in the entire time out there we only came across two other mountain bikers. Even though it’s not that far south from the city, you’re treated to ravines and grades to keep things challenging. Get the right music going (in our case Kendrick Lamar blasting out an iphone) and you fall into a fun pace navigating roots, rocks, and mud puddles. There’s one downside to ripping on trails this time of year: mosquitoesLike, holy crap I think I ended up with twenty bites on my left leg alone.

But, after a few miles in the dirt we headed back to the Palos Park stop on Chicago’s Metra commuter train, scratched our legs endlessly, and zoned out in that way you do when you’re exhausted and just spent the past few hours feeling like you’re flying.

Not a bad way to spend a Wednesday.