D.C. Pitstop

After a few days of being out in the wintery woods and country, I was fiending for good food, people, andcolor. Just like in Philly, I only had a little time to actually explore before getting on a train so I loaded up with cookies from Sticky Fingers Bakery and let my eyes hunt for fun, little pops of color. 

With the midwest’s insanely bad weather the past month, I was so excited when I reached the point where I had to take off a layer because I was feeling hot.I haven’t felt hot since September. It made me miss summer, as does pretty much everything.

The last time I saw a weird trend in a city’s trash was all the abandoned couches in LA. While less comfortable, at least these smell better? No really, in Chicago our trash goes in alleyways, so maybe I’m just more attuned to noticing trash on the sidewalks. But, no one’s cans or recycling was out, just the trees.