Denver Cruisin, Waiting For A Ride

Solo exploring in a foreign city can be difficult. You have equal chances of turning right onto a side street to find a vacant parking lot as you do, say, the house of the first female, black doctor in Colorado that has been converted into a museum celebrating the forgotten history of African American pioneers, homesteaders, and cowboys.

But that idea of chance is so very enticing. Now, Denver is not by any means a big city. It was just my launching point for the rest of the weekend’s far more dirty and dusty activities. So that in one day of scooting my bike around I could find so much activity, interest, and culture is very impressive. A quick stop at Rockmount for some fresh hankies. (I fully agree with Nick Offerman on the value of hankies)

Truth be told, this was a rendezvous point for me to be picked up by a friend who lives in the mountains. Yes, in his car. What can I say, the goal is to do everything as low impact as possible- using as few fossil fuels as I can. Unfortunately, here, there's no public transportation to take you to the middle of nowhere.