Enjoying a Blizzard


That's what the news told us this morning was the total snowfall in the past twenty four hours. I read it while I was still in bed and looked over at my dog, who was very excited that I was awake and was clearly interested in going outside to relieve himself. "You peed three hundred thousand times yesterday, how is there anything left in your bladder?" He wasn't interested in explaining himself.

So yeah Chicago was hit by a blizzard, and between that and the Left Shark there weren't many options for me to do on Sunday until my roommate and I decided we would bundle up and walk my dog to our favorite inner-city wilderness for a little bit of trail time (his favorite thing) and see how things were doing in the middle of an insane blizzard.

Coming off spending a day at a conference dedicated to urban wilderness (more on that tomorrow), I had a huge itch go out and walk around some woods. Normally that itch is easily scratched by the 60 acre vacant lot that exists just south of downtown Chicago, where a whole ecosystem has grown in the past thirty years and remains almost entirely untouched save for the few people who aren't afraid to go in and wander, or even move in (see more in the photos). Our friend Ryan came down from the north side, having never been to this amazing spot before and not giving a damn about the weather.

A lot of the US is gonna be living with a tremendous amount of snow for a while, so I wanted to start off the week with a little reminder of how rad the winter time can be. If you've ever been interested in urban exploration, or bored by the trend of ruin porn, look towards these open areas. I'm excited to go back soon if for nothing else than to look at all the animal tracks in the snow, in this special spot only three blocks away from the Sears Tower.