Explore Whitefish: Skiing at Big Mountain

This trip has been made up of first experiences. The first time in an Amtrak roomette (fancy!), the first time being outside in single-digit/sub-zero temps for ten hours, the first time skiing with a heavy pack and a huge camera dangling from my neck. I mean, this is the first time I’ve even been to a ski resort in a decade.

As much fun as it was going way too fast for my skill level down the slopes, the views from the top were, not surprisingly, amazing. That Whitefish Mountain Resort has left so much of the natural growth (they told me I have to come back in the summer for the awesome mountain biking) is what really makes being up there so unique. It’s really easy to forget you’re around anyone else.

From Big Mountain, downtown Whitefish actually looked pretty cool so I was itching to walk around. The sun was setting as I made it down, and I started setting in to exploring in -10° chill, trying to avoid having my breath fog up the lens. As much as it seems like I’m bragging about how cold it is, what I watched people doing the next morning made me feel like a total wimp. You’ll see what I’m talking about in the next post.