Getting High In Seattle

Our last day. Adé and I managed to still wake up pretty early. It was April 20th, and like everyone else in Seattle we wanted to get food and get high.

Kidding, drugs are really stupid.

No, we still managed to get gigantic breakfast burritos, and our high was found on the 73rd floor of the Columbia Center. I do so much of this traveling on a shoestring budget that the idea of forking out twice as much money for the space needle to not go nearly as high up was ridiculous.

The Columbia Center, however, was blissfully quiet with only a few other people inside. It made for a beautiful recap to literally see everywhere we had gone in just two days, and look down a wonderfully quiet (can’t imagine why…) Seattle.

King Street Station is an easy walk from the Columbia center, but don’t be fooled by the number of places listed as grocery stores in the nearby international district. Getting food for the train from them would have amounted to random herbs and an large amount of fish eyes. Still, a small bodega had enough basic snacks to help get us through the two day train ride back to Chicago which, oh man, you guys are gonna flip when I post those pictures.

We were in Seattle for all of 48 hours, and looking back now I can’t believe how much this city gave to us two wanderers.