Guest Post: Julian Rojas

When my friend Jana and I moved into our new apartment, we decided to get back into being Warm Showers hosts, we wanted to open our place up to cyclists on tour and hopefully giving them a chance to spend some time on Chicago's south side instead of passing through on our lakefront bike path while heading towards the super-popular north side. One of our guests over the summer was Julian, who had come from Bogotá, Colombia to ride his bike across the US. What originally was just supposed to be two nights turned into a week's stay. He explored a lot of the city, guided at times by myself and friends, and got to see far more of Chicago than most Chicagoans do.

Traveling with a camera, he's since made it to the west coast, and decided he would just go ahead and ride his bike back Colombia.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Julian, and showing him some of my secret spots in the city. Dude always has a smile on his face (no really, always), has an unbelievably strong selfie game, and I wish him the best of luck in every noble turn of his pedals.

He's currently somewhere in Mexico, with all of Central America to get through before making it back to Colombia. Be sure to follow him on instagram!