Hiking in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

I love that there are national parks in U.S. that a train will drop you off in. Tucked away in West Virginia is the town of Harpers Ferry, which happens to be the mid-point of the Appalachian Trail and also a national historic park due to abolitionist John Brown, explorer Meriwether Lewis, president Thomas Jefferson, etc etc. Basically, this place hidden in the mountains, where two major rivers meet, is really really important to US history.

At the beginning of January I hopped a train out there, and naturally on the day I arrived it was cold and raining. The universe has decided I can't go anywhere without it being miserable outside. But, if it doesn't stop bike touring and trail hiking, it won't stop me walking around and reading historical placards, walking up incredibly narrow and steep staircases carved out of the mountains' stone sides, and stepping inside of buildings hundreds of years old.

Thankfully the weather broke on my next day in Harpers Ferry and I had my local friend Nick join me for some hiking on the AT. Just a day hike, nothing too crazy, but even in the dead of winter I'll take any chance I get to walk through the woods.