Hiking Through the Holidays

It might seem severely disappointing to step off a train into the pouring rain, you know? A weekend full of being outside planned, an eighteen hour train ride, but here I am stepping off the train with a huge smile like an idiot. In that moment, rain means a lot of things. Rain means no snow. Rain means no ice. Rain means it’s literally 50˚ warmer here. Believe me, I’m cool with getting wet on a balmy Saturday.

Sunday comes. The rain’s passed and my boots are dry again, which is the best feeling in the world. Coupled with a fresh pair of thick socks, I’m interested in going back out. George Washington National Forest was huge, so really I could’ve just headed back up that way and spent the entire Sunday there. Maybe next time I’m out in Appalachia.

I’m a lot further east at this point, so Prince William Forest Park will have to make due. The thing about hiking in northern Virginia is that regardless of where you are, the trees are basically the same, just the hills are different.