Idiana Dunes Day Trip

Two days ago I wanted to get out of Chicago for the day. I have another big Amtrak trip planned for next weekend, but just for the day I wanted to see where a train could take me.

Most national parks are dependent on the highway system- which sucks if you don’t/can’t have a car. Save a few parks accessible by train, you had better enjoy riding a bike for hundreds of miles to get to any of them. I do, but I get that ain’t an option for everyone.

That I know so many Chicagoans who haven’t taken advantage of the South Shore electric commuter train, which drops you just a short walk down a footpath from this place, is incredibly upsetting. For $13, I got to spend the day at a quiet, clean beach and had miles of trails to do one of my favorite activities- barefoot hiking. I can’t believe there are Chicagoans I know who haven’t done this!