One Hour in Boston

So what do you do when you have literally one hour between when your train arrives and when your next train departs? You could read a book, sit and stare at your phone, grab food, sure. But I want you to think a little bigger.

Find something tall. Tallest points with public access are pretty easy to find either on google or by, you know, actually talking to other people. A building, a bridge, a hill- whatever. Go outside, even if it's pouring rain, windy, and it's a city like Boston that's older than grid systems (and thus incredibly easy to get lost walking around), and look up. After the train from NYC arrived here and before the train to Maine left, I knew there wasn't really anything I could hope to do in such little time to experience something unique to Boston. But, I could walk to the Prudential Skydeck, spend ten bucks, and quietly look down and watch the city move about. I could have fifteen minutes of peace and tranquility before walking back to the train station. Believe me, it's always worth it.

A little tip for such time crunches: start a timer from the moment you walk outside to the moment you're inside/on top of whatever tall spot you've found. That way you know exactly how long it will take you to get back. Making it two minutes before departure isn't cutting things too close for comfort, it's just good time management.