Outrunning the Rain: Cruisin MPLS

My first morning in Minneapolis meant a lot of getting lost. After missing my train, but with my cross bike already in the checked baggage on it, I first had to get my bike. Who knew there was a new Minneapolis/St. Paul station? After going to the old, now abandoned station, fellow Chicagoan who was also in town, Kara, chauffeured me back into St. Paul to their new train station. With bike in hand and donuts in stomach, we set out on our paintless bikes to cruise through an overcast city and hopefully stay dry.

So, holy crap! This place’s bike infrastructure tho. Dedicated bike highways, bike lanes everywhere. It was such a treat to haul ass through a bike-specific grid. I had just finished reading Potluck Supper With Meeting To Follow so I was heavily interested in finding all the cool things Andy Sturdevant had written about the Twin Cities. That is, until the rain came…

5pm and suddenly the skies opened up for insane monsoon storms that went on throughout the entire night. Reports were already coming in of everything being flooded and the rest of the weekend's forecast called for even more rain. I was stuck inside, not wanting to go out into a shuttered-up city with decidedly not waterproof cameras, eating pizza. Despite the awesome morning and the pizza I started wandering if maybe it would be best to just head back home.