Pedernales Falls State Park

One of the nicer parts of touring in Texas was spending my first night in this park. Rolling in, the park staff were incredibly friendly and crackin' jokes with two tired, smelly cyclists, and our campsite was charming, though on a surprisingly busy campground given the weather and all. Choosing to spend the morning hiking here in lieu of starting our horror story at Guadalupe River State Park even earlier was, in hindsight, the best decision we could have made.

So we would come to find out, making it out to the park in the winter time meant the river bed was much higher than usual due to the intense rain all week. But walking the limestone riverbeds was still an out-of-this-world experience. It was like being on mars, with neighboring pools containing different hues of silt. During the summer, caves are dry enough for people to walk into, and unfortunately leave their mark. The ornate danger of the river made everything much more exciting, as apparently it's prone to flash floods. Judging by the rock formations, I don't think one makes it out alive if one is stuck in those floods.

But that's why it's great to have these wild spaces, right? These amazing places, that give us a chance to be in awe; it's no wonder our route took us here.