Pittsburgh Pitstop

It started out with me thinking about taking a different train back from NYC, but I had some time constraints getting back to Chicago so I opted for this route back. Total bonus though, as this time it was 70° AND I was meeting up with my old friend Nick to hang out for the evening.

My train actually showed up early (I honestly thought this wasn’t possible), so I ran to the river to catch the last of the sunlight. People were out enjoying the warmth, and I realized I never put my jacket on. I had been outside in just a t-shirt that whole time. Jesus did I miss that feeling.

After some food and a beer from a huge, Mexican-themed restaurant whose buffalo sauces included Mild, Wild, or Insane, Nick and I spent the rest of my layover hunting for shots, meeting locals, and taking care of business. All ending with me getting back to the Amtrak station fifteen minutes before the train left.

Pretty good for a four hour layover.