Post-Hell Cruisin, Barbecuein

The hard times were over. We’d made it out of muddy, flooded hell and were in desperate need of showers, beer, and ice cream. Our tour guide Erin had plans of course.

We found ourselves in another bike racer’s back yard for an intermission consisting of a grill and growlers. There was still a lot to see, of course, but it’s good to be social and interact with locals. This blog is becoming sort of a thing I guess? So I’m finding myself incredibly humbled when people I meet already know who I am and what I’m doing.

With the last of the daylight gone and any calories we burned earlier replenished (and then some), I felt a strong urge to get rolling again. After losing half of the day prior to terrible weather, socializing was kinda taking a back seat to exploring. What followed was a rad night of cruising with punk bars, abandoned railroad bridges, even more food ala Hard Times late-night vegan breakfast options, and finding what, I suppose, is the single most beloved piece of artwork in the city of Minneapolis.

What an awesome end to what could have seriously been a just terrible trip.