Post-RHC Cruisin: Brooklyn & Manhattan

I stayed in town for a few days after the race to chill with friends. But, after RHC, a day for cruising was just what I needed. The weather had started to get better, and by better I mean less frequent wind and rain. Riding around Brooklyn with some friends, eating at Champs way too much, meeting new people, it all just got me really excited for Chicago’s eventual spring (it has to come at some point, right?) and just spending time outside with no real agenda.

Excuse the big gallery and write up!

Most everyone in town for the race were still hanging around, either catching flights later that evening or the next morning. It’s nice knowing people that are cool with me being permanently down for adventures, and hogging up time for complete nonsense or because I saw something that “might make a good picture,” but most importantly are cool with just being out there and getting soaked and laughing about it afterwards.

Like, for real make this a goal for your life. Have great friends, even if you don’t get to see them often, always be wandering, and put all your time into everything fun. Preaching aside, at this point I no longer have dry clothes. Everything has been soaked and nothing seemed interested in drying out, and I’ve started to joke about having trench foot since my feet have been in wet socks and boots for several days. A late start to the morning gave Erin, whose friend’s place he and I were couch surfing at, and I the benefit of missing the morning overcast and start the day with some sunlight. I’m sure it goes without saying at this point, but everyone and especially those of us in the Midwest are desperate for sunlight and warm weather. We want to be outside in less than five layers and y’all seriously we want our skin to stop being so dried out.

I’m digressing now. Sun! Above 40°! After breakfast fruit from a nearby bodega and a pedal to King Kog, Erin got his bike packed up for a his flight that day and I hit up New Friend Chris Lee about riding around and exploring. He’s got a great eye and is a bike messenger, and I couldn’t have gotten to half of the little gems he showed me without his guidance.

More food, more exploring, talking about bmx bikes, another hug goodbye, and I was on my way into another evening of randomness, while kinda remembering that I had a train to catch the next morning. I figured with my last morning I should at least do some shooting in Manhattan. No monuments, no touristy spots, just find the interesting moments in the side streets that disappear right after you see them.

It was a Tuesday morning, and I had stretched out the last of my trip so far that I almost forgot I was in a place where people did normal things like go to work in the morning. But, it was rad being in the mix and biking through morning rush hour. Before I got on my train, I wanted two things: fresh fruit, and fresh socks. After four days of living in wet socks, the idea of a fresh pair was almost enough to make me cry. I ended up just going the homogenous route with a stop at whole foods, but I went hella fancy with a stop at the fancy Rapha store for fancy Rapha socks. Every major city should have a store where you can buy nice socks, drink espresso, and watch European bike races.

There’s this new feeling I get as a byproduct of this project. I don’t know how to describe it, but here’s when it happens: I settle into my seat on the train, another adventure finished. The train starts lumbering away from the station, smooth and rhythmic, and I watch these great places I visit disappear. I’m left feeling just so satisfied and content.