The Oregon Outback is not Dead

Riding the Oregon Outback in 2016 was an incredible experience with all the beautiful views and roads that I get to ride my bike on. Coming from the Northeast, the different gravel roads each day made the trip very interesting. From very soupy dirt roads that can lead to a soul crushing couple of miles to very choppy roads where it's like you just have to blast through it. It's like putting a kid in a candy store for the first time.

The locals in each town were a blessing. They're quick to offer a place to set up our tents and rest up. In the first town you come across, Silver Lake, I met a guy name Lez. He runs a deli said that they should bring back the ride cause he loves meeting everyone that comes in. While getting food I met Dave, who's from Portland and was already a couple of hundred miles in- starting late the night before. Then there was Eric who on the first day made the long stretch from Klamath Falls to Silver Lake. Their intense paces had left them a little loopy, but they were excited to see others out on the route.

During this whole trip I felt like the Oregon Outback is the perfect route. From riding with others, we all agreed that less people on the route does make it quiet, but more enjoyable. We weren't left having to hunt for campsite scraps, and the nights were quiet. I met Ally and Scott at the beginning of all this, and along the way we were using the hashtag #oobisnotdead. This route is here to encourage self-supported riding in Oregon's remote lands. You don't need a rolling jamboree to enjoy the route, all you got to do is show up. The gates and trails are open for you.

John Alcantara was kind enough to share some of his experience on the Oregon Outback route. His adventure was full of highs and lows, and he gets into the nitty gritty of his time in this remote section of Oregon over on his blog. You can see more of his adventures in New York over on his instagram.

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