From The Archive: Winter Train Ride Through the Northern Midwest

A lot of y'all will start your holiday traveling soon, so here's a little reminder of how pretty a winter train ride can be. Not to mention it's way cheaper and less stressful than flying! If you've already chosen to travel slow, share a view of your ride with the rest of us using the #everythingwillbenoble instagram tag.

This train, man. Stretching across the northwest, it connects Seattle and Portland to Chicago, taking you through some of the most mountainous and also some of the flattest land in the US. And as you can see from the photos above, you get some stupid-good views.

Not to say this train isn’t without its hardships. The oil boom in North Dakota and eastern Montana is mainly reliant on freight trains to ship oil out of the area, and coupled with the extremely cold winter (and its effects on equipment) there have been huge delays in the train’s run time. It’s a bit of a roulette, unfortunately, as these problems only sometimes affect the train’s service.

Honestly, for me it’s hard not to ignore the irony of the most environmentally-friendly mode of transportation (minus bicycling/walking/hiking, natch) being affected by our insatiable desire for oil. I’ll leave you to your own politics there- I don’t want to put a sour taste in your mouth about this train, because if you start worrying about time delays with the US’s trains you really do miss the forest for the trees. The delays can actually work in your favor for sightseeing, of which these pictures are only a small, small sampling.